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SPORKS - hand stamped stainless steel - $15 each - made to order

hand stamped stainless steel sporks
personalized - made to order 
$15 each

great holiday gifts, stocking stuffers, additions to lunchbags or staff lunchrooms, teacher presents, camping supplies...

add a name, saying, special message...

rossland bc
trail bc
castlegar bc
red mountain
seven summits
happy trails
happy camper
the list goes on...

you decide!

sporks are approx 8 inches long

please place your order by reply email - thank you!

pick up rossland


These make an awesome gift!  Great for school and work!

We got them at Christmas and they were done quickly and look amazing!




Aw, thanks hsimm!  So glad you're loving your sporks.  :)

the perfect personalized gift for father's day 

father's day is coming... there's still plenty of time to order!

still plenty of time to order for Christmas!

Could you make one with a longer handle? 

Sorry, Marty, I don't forge them, I just personalize them by handstamping them.  So the length is set.