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Furnished 2 bedroom Condo for rent, May till September

All utilities included

Just under 1000 square feet

Super fast 150mbps Shaw internet and Bluesky TV

Renovated kitchen, cork floors, open plan,

Ground floor shaded patio with gate. BBQ.

Opposite Centenial trail parking lot, amazing trail access.

No pets. Rent negotiable.

Send an email about yourself(es), why you would be a good tennant, and then I can send some pics or invite you to have a look...

Cheers Bhubble

Hello, I am interested in these units however the timing is poor for me. I see you state rent is negotiable, however can you let me know how much rent you are looking to get for such a place? I'll be looking around August. 

Thank you, 


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Still available

My boyfriend is in the MPT program at UBC and has a 5 week placement at a physic clinic in Trail, so we’re going to move to Rossland for a month, May 26 - June 30! We're really excited to get out of the city, we love biking and have visited Rossland many times in the summer and winter. I’m wondering if you would consider renting for just the month? And wondering if the place is somewhat furnished? or empty? Thanks! Kait :)


sorry, ignore the "furnished" question, I realized the answer is in the title of your post! 

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