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Handymatt Services - Licensed and Insured Handyman for Rossland, Trail and Fruitvale

Written estimates, reasonable rates, prompt service, quality work

Offering practical, sensible solutions

  • - Painting – Interior and Exterior
  • - Small Engine Repair (snowblowers/lawnmowers)
  • - Vehicle Electronics Diagnosis (Is your check engine or ABS light on?) 
  • - Minor plumbing (new faucets/vanity etc)
  • - Minor electrical (replacement light fixtures etc)
  • - Fencing
  • - Flooring
  • - Trim installation
  • - Deck Repairs
  • - Dump Runs
  • - Appliance Moves
  • - Drywall
  • - Damp proofing

..and much more


778 821 4720


Town: Trail, BC

Bookings available in late May..

Bookings available in mid June 

Once, my fridge was damaged due to heavy lightning, so I switched off the main power supply, and I called up the experienced electrician for inspecting the wiring before restoring the power supply, and they helped repairing the fridge too. I can say that they offer the services that meet the set industry standards, and they can be relied much easily.