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It Takes A Farm: Crowdfunding to Bring Good Food to Rossland!

We are building a diverse year-round farm here in Happy Valley, where we will use regenerative and sustainable farming practices to produce nutrient-dense food for our community while building a farm that is ecologically sound and economically profitable.

Our ultimate objective for our farm is to grow good food for Rossland while increasing the health and fertility of our land and providing an outdoor experiential learning space for food education in our community. We have been growing food intensively here in Rossland for six years and have been studying permaculture and sustainable farming for many years. It is our dream to create a community driven farm that provides abundant healthy food to our residents as well as opportunities for learning about and engaging with food.

It takes a farm to feed a community, and a community to support a farm! We need your help to build our beautiful and productive farm that will contribute to a healthier community, provide local jobs in the future, and be a catalyst for food education here in Rossland.

Click the link below to learn more, view our fun rewards and to support us with a donation today!

Thank you Rossland!! We can't wait to bring (even more) good food to this amazing community!! <3



Bringing good food and food education to our community!

The link above isn't working, this should do:

Thanks so much TheSwiss for catching that!! Link is updated :)

Last Chance!

Our crowdfunding campaign is coming to an end and this is the last chance to show your support by way of donation! We are so thrilled by the support we have received and are beyond excited to build a farm for our community. 

Thank you so much Rossland for supporting us in this endeavor!

If you would like to make a donation please visit: 

Last day! Thank you SO much for your support Rossland!