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Home-made ice cream and Home-made pie day!

Don't forget, next Saturday, May 05, at the Rossland Seniors Centre, we will be serving Home-Made Ice Cream and Home-Made Pies.  The serving will begin at 1:00PM (approx) until around 3:00 PM.  Ice cream cones, ice cream cups for the kids if they choose.  There will be gluten free apple crisp will available. Tea and coffee available as well.  

Take out home-made ice cream can be arranged, however, because home-made ice cream does not contain emulsiphiers or jelling chemicals, it melts to liquid rather quickly.  

For further info, call Les Anderson at 250-362-five-five three 2

Your ice cream was heaven sent.  I had no idea that home made ice cream could be so much different from the store bought stuff.  I will be bringing a bucket on Saturday for some take home.  Do you have a price for a couple of take home liters?  Maybe a home made pie could be on my shopping list as well.  The grand kids devoured your ice cream like staring little beasts.

Thanks a big bunch for the generous sample Les.  When will you be the center to make the next batch?  I want to help again.

Thank you Tanier.  I am happy to read that you grand children enjoyed the ice cream. 

We will more than likely have ice cream to take home with you; however, you will need to get it home ASAP to get it into your freezer.  As stated above, our home made ice cream does not and will not have jelling agents or emulsifiers like the commercial brands.  Our home made is 100% pure ice cream.  It melts quite quickly.

A take home price?????  We haven't thought about take home prices at this point in time.

Violet and I will be at the centre tomorrow about 1:PM to make the final batch.  We would happy to have you on board.

Three phone calls this morning concerning our home made icream and home made pie day.  One about a business license, the other about serving food to the public requires a certified kitchen for food preping.  

The Kitchen at the seniors hall is certified by Interior Health.  They can be contacted for verification.  No we do not need a business license because were are not a retail business.  The home made ice cream and pie day is to raise funds for a registered, none profit charitable group; the "Rossland Seniors Assoc."  We have the BC Society Act's paper work for that as well.  Ninety-five percent of the food is being prepared at the seniors hall kitchen.     Thank you very much for your concern.



Les, are you going to be at the seniors hall today to make ice cream?  I want to bring a couple of my grand kids over so they can see how ice cream is made.

Also, don't be concerned about the idiots who are afraid of a little competition.  Your ice cream & pie day is for a good cause.

Violet and I will be at the hall about 1:00PM making two more batches of ice cream and a couple of pies   Your grandkids are welcome to watch, but I must remind you, freshly made ice cream does not have its home-made flavour until it cures for at least 12 hours.  Twenty-four hours is even better.  When the ice cream comes out of the maker, it is very mushy and liquidy.

I would like to add, Taniewr, I don't think it's fair, or even right, to finger point, to any particular group or business for the phone calls.  The seniors are not in competition with anyone. Our seniors fund raising event is for two hours only, maybe longer if the demand is there.  We are not retail anymore than a church fund raising event is.

Yeah who the heck is calling about business licence and kitchen requirements.  Get a life.

Hey, I am not going to sweat it.  Our butts are covered on all points.

Just don't forget folks, tomorrow, May 05, 1:00 PM – 3:00  ????? PM, home-made ice cream, home-made pies, cones, sundaes in a waffle bowl  (nope, them there waffle cups an cones is them horrible store bought ones) ,,,,,,,,, or how about just a bowl of good old fashion home-made ice cream, with the little brown specks included.  $5.00 for adults and about $2.50 for kids under 7 years.  The really little people???????  Maybe the odd free one could be thrown in.  Tea & coffee and juice available.    At the Rossland Seniors hall at 1916 1st AVE.

Little brown specks?  In ice cream?   

I could be mistaking with, but I think Les and his wife make their own vanilla.  I made it once and I would get the tiny brown seeds in my cakes and stuff.