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Family of 4 ISO of a House to call Home: Rent or Buy

Hello Fellow Rosslanders!  

We are a family of 4 who fell in love with this town a few years ago and as a result we uprooted our family from our city life and moved to this wonderful place we all get to call home.  We've since started a local business, our kids are loving RSS and now the final piece is finding a place we can make into our home.  We've been renting for the last two years and the owners will be returning this October so time is of the essence. 

We are open to renting or buying! Some of the things that we're hoping for in a home:

2-4 Bedrooms

1+ Bathrooms

Yard for the kids to play

Flexible on Location

Pet Friendly [1 Medium sized dog (hypoallergenic & Non-shedding) and 1 Small elderly dog (sleeps all day)]

So, if you or someone you know is looking to sell their home to a family that loves this town or has a rental property coming available we would love to be in touch.

Thanks for your help!


Todd & Melinda