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Table saw, Planer, Jointer and Compressor with nail gun for sale

All of these have been used very little for small projects around the house.
1.   Table saw with guide and stacked dado set, $300
2.   12" portable Delta planer, $125
3.   6" Delta jointer- $150
4.   DeWalt compressor with finishing nail gun, $200
If interested please call or text Corrine (250)231-3604. Thanks!

Planer is gone and 3 people interested in the table saw and someone also interested in thr nail gun. Will update latter. Thanks bhubble!

Planer, Table saw and compressor nail gun is gone :)

Do you still have the jointer? 

Do you still have the jointer? 

TJ, Yes I do still have the jointer. If you would like to come see it around 8pm tomorrow (Wed) that works for me or we could arrange for another day. Text or call me and I will give you the address. Thanks (250)231-3604