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Garage Sale this Saturday, June 23

When: Saturday June 23, 8AM - 2PM.  No earlybirds please.
Where: Davis St, Lower Rossland, between LeRoi and the pedestrian tunnel.  Follow the signs into lower Rossland from City Hall.
We are cleaning out our garage and have lots to sell.
Here are just some of the many items you might find:
Household Supplies
Shoe Rack
Light Fixtures
IKEA Hanging Baskets
Blankets and Sheets
Dishes, Cups, Mugs, Kitchen Appliances
Mirror 2’ x 3’10”
Cabinet Doors
Wine Rack
Bathroom Supplies
Used Clothing and Shoes
Halloween Costumes
Office Supplies
Luggage Bags
Photo Album
CDs and DVDs
Christmas Decorations
Toys and Games
Dog Supplies
Yard and Garden Supplies
Garden Lights
Garden Hose
Outdoor Gear
Bouldering Crash Pad
Youth Skis
Back Packs
Hydration Packs
Car Roof Rack
Ski Helmets
Climbing Gear
Sleeping Bags
The North Face Tent
Kayak Rack
XCountry Ski Boots
Rain Jackets
Wet Suit
Climbing Harness
Trailer Hitch
Hitch Adapter
5 Gallon Water Jug
Coleman Cooler
Portable Charcoal Stove
Coleman Camp Stove with 2 full fuel cans
And many many more items!
We will also have a bunch of free stuff.
See you Saturday!





Just so you know this is a bit confusing. You are talking about where city hall used to be not where it has moved to, right? What is the address please.

1983 Davis street, yellow house blue roof