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Looking for Accomodation for the 18/19 Ski Season

I just wanted to write this Ad to put some feelers out if youre thinking of , or are looking for tenants for the upcoming winter season. I know is early yet to be looking for accomodation but in past years it was the ticket! 

To give some about us, myself and my partner are looking for accommodation in our beloved little town of Rossland for yet another ski season. We both spent from October to april in Rossland this past year, both working full time at Red. We have both been offered our positions back at Red for the 2018/2019 season and we are so excited to head back. Myself will be going back to school part time, and working part time this winter, stuffing in as much skiing as I can. We will be bringing our lovely quiet dog along with us, as she is a part of our little family. 

We would preferably be looking for a suite, apartment, or house that will be quite while I am studying during the week. We are looking to move back to Rossland from vancouver island around the first of November 2018 until the end of the ski season so April/May 2019. Our max buget is around $1000-$1200. 

We are super relaxed, and level headed people that just want to work hard, ski hard, and enjoy our winter life in Rossland. We can supply some great local Rossland references, and we would love to get in contact with anyone that is looking for potential tenants. 

We want something that is going to be straight up, and relaxed. Unlike some landlords in the past that have taken advantage of our quite under the raidar approach as tenants.


if You want to get to know more about us, feel free to send me an email