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Any Huckleberries Left To Pick?

We were gone for a chunk of July - any huckleberries left to pick and how high would we have to go?

Thanks for any advice!

Theres many patches where they aren’t even ripe yet. You’re best to stay close to town elevation but it hasn’t rained since I don’t know when so they’re not exactly robust. This might be a year to leave them for the animals.

Thanks so much for the info!
Really just looking to pick a few with the fam - enough for a pie and maybe some muffins :)


Leave them for the bears or logging companies. Our spot got destroyed for logging. Probably one of the best secret spots around rossland, flattened.

I agree with d3mOn5. It's not easy for a bear to walk into Ferraro's and buy berries. Where would they carry their wallet?? hmm. 


I have heard from many people that it is a poor berry year, but have to disagree. The berries are late, for sure, but mighty plentiful in my traditional spots. I have picked my fill for this week so will tell you that there are still lots of ripe, big, fat, juicy ones near the top of Red, on Red Head, if you venture a bit off of the trail!!