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Camp Black Bear: Circus Camp and Boom Town Mystery: Aug 13 - 17

This French Language based camp (with English) will be running from August 13- 17.
Gymnastics/Circus instruction in: Free Stilts, Acrobatics, Juggling, Trapeze, Tightrope, Rolla Bolla, Unicycle
Circus instruction:
5-7 yrs 9:30 - 12:30
8-16 yrs 10:00 - 3:00

Full Day Camp Black Bear / Boom Town Mystery Option
Museum Staff will be present for Drop off starting at 8:30 AM and Pick Up the younger group at 12:30 and older group at 3pm.
They have some great pioneer inspiredactivities and games: Building own stilts, making their own juggling balls, Solving a pioneer Mystery, visiting the courthouse and on Friday the 6 + 7 yrs olds will go to the Follies and 8 - 11 yr olds will go to the pool! Pizza Friday only available to younger kids this week because of timing / scheduling.

6-7 yrs, 8:30 - 5pm. $200 / Wk
8-11 yrs, 8:30 -5pm $290 / Wk



Kids need to practice french before heading back to school?  Here is a great opportunity to do that!


Contact Rossland Recreation if you have any questions at or 250-362-2327.

Register at

Did you know next week's camp is in French AND English.


It is the same group as last year and spots are available. Full or partial day.


Call (250-362-2327) or email ( if you have questions or register here: