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local business theft

Hey Rossland,

Our tool trailer, which was parked behind the old fire hall, was broken into and over $5000 in tools were stolen.  We are gutted.  Not just because this is a major financial blow for a small and local construction company, but because it's a hard thing to accept that we can't leave a locked tool trailer at a jobsite in our dowtown area.  

Anyhow, emotional rant aside, if you have seen or heard anything, or have any info that could help us get our tools back, please reach out.  RCMP has been notified.

Thanks so much,

the Severin Contracting Ltd team




What was stolen:

HONDA 2000 generator

pancake compressor

DEWALT cordless saw, cordless jigsaw, cordless oscillator, cordless driver, cordless drill, sawsall

MAKITA cordless saw, cordless driver, cordless sawsall, cordless light, cordless palm sander, jigsaw


Bosch Radio

Stand up drill x2

Gas can

Most of these items should have SEVERIN CONTRACTING written on them in sharpie, but I'm sure people have ways to take that off.

It will actually cost us over $6000 to replace this all so if you come across any off this stuff, please let us know!


 Been seeing two or threeMeth heads on bikes slithering around town lately,see them on my early am runs usually looking in cars or sniffing around garages.