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Seeking Long Term Rental

Are a home owner in Trail/Fruitvale and weary of having your home trashed by druggies or people that just couldn't care a less....or likely weren't paying rent as they should. Ready to give up and sell or just let it sit empty because you are afraid to trust anyone to rent it again? Maybe it needs a lot of TLC still before you can rent it again even if you wanted to?

Moved here from North Vancouver and though I was lucky to live in a great location for me when I moved here, other things like Smoking and druggies/drunks made the location no longer feasible for me health wise to keep living there sadly.
In July, I thought I found a suitable place only to discover that even though I got away from the issues in the old place, I wound up with new issues that are even worse on my health because the issues are inside and part of the building with an owner who hid these issues and when I discovered all these issues and brought them up to them, it was very clear they could care a less and money being their only motivation. I too am now scared and need to move, the sooner the better.

Since moving here I learned I love to Garden and discovered I am pretty good at it. I take great pride in myself and home and I would love to find someone who owns a small home that could use someone Long Term and have the peace of mind to know that the person who is renting their home is taking very good care of it. I am respectful, non smoking non drug user and I am on a fixed income. I can't afford high rent BUT I have a lot of love to put into a home with sweat equity and creative skills. I have Hostas, Lilac Trees, hens and chickens and lots more plants to beautify a small yard. As well as a few raised garden beds to grow my own herbs/veggies. I have benches and pretty garden things etc and garden tools.....and LOTS of paint for inside and own curtains etc......I would love to help a deserving home owner who really would appreciate and deserve a renter like myself for the long term.

Rent is ALWAYS on time, no hassles. I have excellent references here and in Vancouver. I just really need a nice little spot to live with my 2 fur babies ...yes I have 2 very well behaved cats who are likely cleaner than most people you may have rented to thus far! They are strictly indoor cats but can be walked on a leash in a private yard. They are beautiful and very clean.
I hope to finally find a place I can settle into and really love.
Once settled in and established I hope to help in the community with organic veggies from my garden for Chronically ill folks along with other home created goodies....hopefully it could turn into a "thing" *smiles*

Maybe we can help each other? It can't hurt to discuss right?
It certainly can't hurt to put this "out there" at this point....
If you took the time to read this thank you! I sincerely hope the owner I am looking for finds me ( we find each other) *smiles* Send me a Message! 

Town: Trail, BC

Still Searching....