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Gluten Free, Reinvented. Fresh Bread today at The Purist Pantry

||  The Purist Pantry  || 

Gluten Free, Reinvented



Gluten Free || Vegan || Dairy Free

Egg Free || Cane Sugar Free || Corn Free

Soy Free || Commercial Yeast Free


Sourdough Loaves & Boules (2x the size of standard GF loaves)

Brown Bread Loaves (2x the size of standard GF loaves)


Handrolled Bagels (Sourdough, Everything, Sesame Bagels, Cinnamon Raisin)

Pizza bases

Hamburger buns

Summit Seed Crackers (Garlic & Sea Salt, Date & Lemon, Sundried Tomato Basil)

Mountain Bite Granola Bars (Snow Capped Almonds, The Peanut Highway, The Need for Seeds)




Pecan & Walnut Truffle

Espresso Chocolate Tart


LOCATION: 2010 Washington Street, Rossland || PHONE: (250) 362-7008 

STORE HOURS: Monday-Friday 9-5


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We Look Forward to seeing you!



The Purist Pantry Team

Fresh Bread Today! All breads are out of the oven by 1pm! *limited quantities

Fresh Bread Today!

And....Fresh Bread Again today!  

New Varieties today! We'll be offering two new bread varieties:

Rosemary Garlic & Sea Salt Sourdough

Seedy Brown Bread

Coming Fresh out of the oven by 1pm