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Are you busy working like a dog? Come sniff us out!


We are a new business in town that offers many exercise services for your animals. I guess you could call us a "rare breed."


Does your fur friend.....

Need some socializing? We do GROUP WALKS!

Need some one on one time? We do EXCLUSIVE WALKS!

Going away for the weekend? We do PET SITTING!

Need someone to let your pups out in the back yard and give them some CUDDLE time? We've also got that COVERED!


DON'T FURGET to sign you pooch up for our "DOG TIRED HIKE"  on DEC 5th 2018

Thats 4 hours of non stop running, sniffing, and playing on our specially sourced out trails.  We provide treats and water!

This is a more personable experience so we only have room for 4 dogs so get in there fast!

You can fully expect your furry friend to come home dog tired!



Do you do house visits for cats?  We live in Rossland and would be looking for daily visits for our two cats during certain periods in July and August.