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Intergenerational program at Rossland Summit School

Join us for an intergenerational program at RSS. We will be meeting several times over the course of the school year to enjoy tea/coffee and a light snack, along with a chance to meet some of the students at RSS. We invite seniors who welcome the opportunity to talk with students and join them in their learning. You do not have to commit to all of the sessions. Our first meeting will be Thursday December 20, 2018 @ 9:00 am. 

Please contact Nicola Kuhn via email: or call 250-231-2214.

Please spread the word. Here is some more detailed information for those interested:

The idea behind the program is to connect our students with seniors in the community in order to learn from them, as well as have seniors learn with students. 

The learning begins informally through conversations. My students are taught how to ask questions that will generate meaningful conversations. Research shows that kids need 4 to 6 caring adults in their lives to develop emotionally and socially. Right now, many students are spending more time on devices, texting and socializing online, than having one-on-one conversations.

My hope is that this project generates enough interest from seniors that we will be able to meet at least 3 more times during the school year. Students and seniors will be able to work together on a project that suits them both, whether it be recording some of the senior's history, memories of childhood, importance of place and sharing their values with students. 

This program will benefit everyone involved. I know that there are a large circle of active seniors, and the students need to see that 'senior' doesn't necessarily equate with people who have stopped doing.​

This is an amazing idea!

We need more wonderfu teachers in the world like you.

Join us this Thursday at RSS. Spread the word to seniors in the area. Students are eagerly awaiting the chance to visit with members of our community. If you have any questions contact me at the number above.