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Rosslanders are giving local family hope

You can help them, too.

Judy is fighting cancer. See
She is a lovely person, and no quitter.

Send her the price of a card. Or give someone you love a present, by donating towards Judy's treatment.

This Christmas she is in Port Moody taking an extra (but expensive) Naturopathic medical treatment.
This treatment reallly helped last time, so there is good reason to hope it will save her again.
Her life is at stake, but the cost is high.

The Pommer family is hard-working and independent.
They deserve our help and encouragement through this tough time.
This is one GoFundMe I support with all my heart.

Thanks for sharing this, Angela. I had no idea.
Great family and I hope they get all the help they need.

Powder, Opening Day, Xmas :-)

Please share your happiness with this great family.

Every contribution helps

The kindest thing you could do today? 

Lots of options, but please, give what you can.

Make this local family's Christmas more hopeful.


Do you have caring, generous friends?
I hope we all do, and Rossland should be a good community, when life gets tough.

Please share this link on facebook

Thanks for donating what you can.

Please get the word out to help our neighbours.

When you want to share love with your community, start here.