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Magic the Gathering for youth- every other Thursday!

Come play Magic the Gathering from 7-9 pm starting Thursday, Jan 24 and continuing every other Thursday. This is for youth aged 12-18. BEGINNERS WELCOME! 


tomorrow! :) 

Tonight. Free starter decks for those just getting into the game. Thanks to Crockett Books!

Caution, very addicting!

happening tomorrow! get stoked :) 


this evening! come check out what this game is all about. for youth aged 11-18. free starter packs, beginners welcome! bring yo' friends :) 

7-9 pm

tomorrow evening ! 

tonight at the YAN! 

tomorrow at the YAN- beginners welcome

tomorrow at the YAN- beginners welcome

Stimulates the imagination, good for; math skills, reading comprehension, communication and strategy.

last session b4 spring break