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Do we have a computer tech in town yet?

looking for someone who can work on a mac...

thx community



Rossland Computer Repair - serving Rossland, Trail, Castlegar areas. He's located in Trail.

Windows and Apple Computers. 


Heard negative things bout this company

Chris Borden of Sysmon (in Trail by KSCU) is the best. 250-512-1142

Do not go to Rossland Computer Repair. Pm me if you want details.

Go to Chad. He and his family own Bombshack.

I had a bad experience with Rossland Computer Rapair also. 

Chris Bordon is terrible but not as bad as The Rossland Computer repair located in Trail beside the government offices.

I would not go to either of them.



We had a terrible experience with Rossland Computer Repair, but I was hesitant to share on bhubble because I didn't want to come across as being negative towards a local business. However, in light of how many people seem to have had a similar experience, I think its important to share.

We took two laptops there that needed repairing. It was next to impossible to communicate with these people or to learn about the progress in fixing our computers. Nearly 2 months passed and when we finally told them enough was enough and we were just going to pick them up and take them elsewhere, we discovered when we went to pick them up that both computers were trashed. They were both in pieces when we did not give our permission to take anything apart. I have since learned that there are laws in place that state a computer repair shop cannot dismantle your computer unless you give them permission. 

Both laptops were obviously inoperable, and we still don't know if they are even fixable at this point. 

To make matters worse, when we picked up the computers the entire store reeked of alcohol, it was awful. That was at 11 in the morning, not that time should matter when you are a business that doesn't serve alcohol.

I had a chat with a local person very familiar with this business, only to discover that our story was shared by many people in Rossland - and from what I heard, the experiences get even worse than ours, if thats possible.

In the end we were forced to buy a brand new laptop (we need it for work). Not only did this experience cause my family financial stress, it was all in all a very distressing experience and we would absolutely hate to see anybody else go through this. 

I don't know what experience the rest of you had, but I am happy to hear that experiences are being shared so that others don't lose their computers too.

IMHO you should only buy Apple products. Their operating system is the best when it comes to security and I've never once had a virus/issue. Now, wiht PC's in the past (granted, I've not owned one in ~10 years), they were always infected, regardless of the type of virus protecion I had on them. Just some food for thought.

If anyone needs a Windows PC fixed or any network or cabling issues give me a shout.



Andy is very knowledgable and VERY trustworthy!


He's based out of Nelson but I can personally vouche for Jono with Mountain Mac Solutions.  Really knows his stuff, absolutely stand-up and he's a certified Apple Tech.  Highly recommend him for anything to do with Apple products (and IBM/Windows machines as well, if that's your thing)


someone recently contacted me who lives in rossland.  they offered to help.  if u r that person and see this, please try me again i dont have your number



Have you tried using Pliers?

Hi This is Mark Steeves From Rossland Computer Repair. I would just like to say that I am sorry that you had a bad experience in our shop! We always try our best and stand behind our work. Obviously we cannot please everyone all the time and a few of our customers have walked away disappointed. For that you have my deepest apologies. I am not here to argue I will only ask this, That when you read these complaints Please remember we have been in business in this area for over 3 years and thousands of people have come through our doors and left happy. We have always tried to please and stand behind our work and integrity. Lastly although we try not all things are repairable.

Thank You for your time!

Mark Steeves


 Chakademus If you cannot find help we would still be willing to help you out. call direct at 250-231-0811 

Hey there  ttuceg -I was speaking to my IT dept as well as my local tech and Apple is susceptible to virus, malware and is also hackable. people are just either used to using APPLE or Microsoft.

Steve- Its hard to scrub the blemishes from your poor service record once theye are there.I had this discussion with you years ago. Not only is Rossland computers name associated with poor craftmanship but your customer service lacks, not to mention when alcohol is involved in the workplace....Many dont even feel safe being in your shop.

theHaydens - You are correct it is called The computer Fraud and abuse act.


They are thieves as far as I’m concerned

Mark Steves has a temper and an inability to communicate. He lies and has screwed over MANY people I know, customers, landlords and other businesses. He has made threats to people I know that own other computer stores in the area and has screwed over at least 2 landlords I know of, defaming them and placing blame for his inability to pay rent and/or run his business and not to mention him screaming at his kid in front of customers. I would be hard pressed to believe has had “1000”s of happy customers and if that s the case maybe they step up becasue so far it does not seem to be the case. 

Thank you Mark, Andrew and Rossland Computer Repair

I have been going to Rossland Computer Repair for 3 years. They are my go-to for laptop repair, phone repair both iPhone and Android. When my old MSI laptop bit the dust, Marc suggested I buy a new Lenovo from him (instead of online). I did this and he set it up for me and I am enormously pleased with the price, the recommendation and the result. Rossland Computer Repair has done great work for me and my family and have always tried to find the most cost-effective solution.

Has anyone had similar Computer Repair issues with Mac N Repair Shop at Trail? 


I went to Rossland Computer repair a few years ago for a broken hard drive and not only did the son admit to going through all of my photos and personal documents, but they scammed me on a hard drive. They told me it was a $150 1TB hard drive and they ended up putting in a $65 500GB hard drive, HARDLY what I paid for. Not to mention they deleted a bunch of my files, put a bunch of useless programs onto my laptop that I DIDN'T ask for, put a pirated copy of windows operating system onto my laptop, AND they charged me an arm and a leg for it all! I was a poor student in the middle of the semester. I stood at their counter crying because I didn't know how I'd write my papers for school without a laptop and they comforted me and ASSURED ME that they would take care of such a "difficult and expensive" issue for me at a discounted rate. The entire time, they had their hand in my back pocket stealing my money, so to speak. I do not care what you have to say about how "sorry" you are to the people in this community Mark... you have screwed way too many people in this area for your apologies and excuses to get anywhere anymore. I personally believe you should lose the right to perform business here considering the numerous people you scam in the community. It's extremely rare for me to speak out on this website and especially in a negative light, but this had to be said. Despicable and embarrassing behaviour for a company that has our town's name in it.

Mark Steeves

The Repair guys in Nelson are fantastic