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2004 Volvo V40 Turbo Wagon Loaded for sale

Awesome little wagon, built like a tank. Swedish affinity for cold climates: starts every time. Power everything, sunroof, heated seats, heated mirrors, heated windshield washer fluid, turbocharged FWD 4 cylinder, 4 wheel disc with recent pad change. Rear seats fold down- 6'-2" laydown in the back with seats down. Older premium stereo (no aux in, stock sub, 11 speaker) will include bluetooth radio adapter. All leather, A/C, yes it has headlight wipers haha. Roof Rails, new headlight bulbs. Volvo safety: all air bags everywhere, side curtain, rear curtain. Power Driver's seat. Fuel economy is great- average 7.5 L/100 Km, lower on long road trips. Automatic trans, 248000 km.

Will need front wheel alignment eventually (pulls to the right a bit), and new vacuum check valve (needs 5 mins warm up or brakes are hard). WIll also need new rear wiper arm (I broke it off accidentally while aggressively snow-brushing). Check engine light is on for a sensor. Tires are good for another few summer seasons but you'll want to pick up a set of winters. Only has one key and no power fob.

Selling because I bought a newer Volvo with AWD.

Asking $3000




How many kms?


How many Kilos? in metres :)

Oh, and is it manual or automatic?

Sitting at 247800 km and it’s auto

Wagon Wednesday bump