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Coyote attack on bottom of Kirkup

I know theres been posts about the coyote attacking dogs on red mountain  so I thought I would make everyone aware of the situation I ran into this last Sunday. 

I was snowboarding through some trees near mid kirk up and i felt a tugging on my arm. I looked back and the coyote had latched on to my jacket arm. I continued to try and outride him after i shook him off, but he jumped on and latched his teeth on my jacket again. I than stopped and had to stand my ground against him as he was still snapping his teeth at me. 


I quickly realized that he was scared and didnt know how to channel his anxiety. Which makes sense considering we have taken over his territory.


When I was loud he got more snappy. When I started talking to him like a dog he reacted more calm. My friend threw a stick and he ended up picking it up and running away with it.

I hope we can give this situation for the coyote to find a new home, and for the safety of our community on the mountain. 

I am happy it happened to me and not some small kids...