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Red Village Condo for Lease .

Live the Dream! 3 bedroom 2 bathroom 2 deck and a Hot Tub Heated secured Parking,Large Storage.Off ground unit with great shade canopy and and all the Greatness of Life at Red Village. My granddaughters having some health issues and Im wanting to spend some time close  her during this difficult time for My Wife and I and my Daughter and her Husband. We are willing to do Year to year lease we will leave unit as it came Fully Furnished including washer and Dryer. The Village is quickly becoming the choice for newcomers and it’s easy to see why.This unit offers 1800 sq feet on one floor which is great for entertaining and hosting large gatherings.French doors open up to the huge deck and the incredible natural beauty of The Village. We’re looking for market value and utilities etc are not included. Preference given to Families or Professional Couples Like ourselves. My Wife finds the  peace and quiet of the Village and the Fresh Cool breeze in the Summer she gets while working out of her home office to be extremely health beneficial . It’s always 10 degrees cooler up here in the Summer and our units are up to code etc and even have sprinklers.Unit availablity and price negotiable. 


How much is market value for the condo per month?

Is this a rent to own situation?

Market values in the 2 grand range. Rent 2 own? I'm not a bank. Rent to owns something u see in depressed markets Reds in demand. Not 4 sale looking to rent it Yearly lease.Thanks for interest. 

I'm interested, but I'm worried about the rabid out of control coyote situation you describe at Red Mountain.

Would it be safe for me and my 8 cats to live there?

Just wanted to say hope your granddaughter gets better. 

Is this still available?

Is this still available?  Please email Eric Tennison -

We are very interested.


No actually My daughter and husband are considering moving in with us At Red with our Grandkids post surgery in the Fall or early next year. Like many 20 somethings they could use a opportunity like 3 years of rent free living with us to save money for their own place my son in law works a camp situation so it’s all good. Thank all for inquiring and thanks to well wishers.