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The lonely bag post post

The borrow-a-bag post at Ferraro's has no bags!
Be great if people could replenish the post with bags they have borrowed and if everyone could stock it with their surplus bags.
Big thanks to those that got the borrow-a-bag thing going in the first place.

I’ll try and get up there this weekend and

drop off a few. But I’m going to write

Borrow a bag “loner” from Ferraro ‘s on

them as insentive to return them.

We returned the one we'd borrowed and dropped off two more, it was looking more healthy after that.

Glad to see the responses! Keep them coming :)

reminder to keep the borrow-a-bag post at Ferrarros replenished.


I believe we have a stack of Regional District Tote Bags from the "Zero Waste Is Our Goal" era. I'll see about dropping a stack off (w Ferraros' permission of course)