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Looking for garden soil /aged manure


I'm looking for about 3-4 cubic yards of soil or aged manure for vegetable gardening. I've seen it for $60/yard in Fruitvale but they don't deliver to Rossland, and I've seen some fancy stuff for $100/yard in Rossland which is expensive for me. Just looking around for other options?? I don't have a truck.



Hey Kari!

Korpak (in Warfield) sells two types of top soil - premium $115/yd and standard $90+- / yd. But am unsure whether they deliver. Probably for an added fee.

Georama (in Nelson) sells top soil at $80 / yd, but we don't think they deliver to Rossland.

Those are really the only bulk options out there for soil.

The product we are offering is a premium product compared to any of these - its basically pure compost, which is very nutrient-dense and a superior amendment for your garden. If you have a starting point (any exisiting soil to work with?) what we have for sale would be an excellent addition to that, and you may not even need a whole truck load. 

Just wanting to add a bit more info to our "fancy" product :) and share with you what we've learned in our endeavor to bring in bulk soil / amendments!

I think most gardeners have reverted to purchasing bagged product because its been notoriously difficult to find bulk in around our area. 

Hope this helps a bit!

Miche, Happy Hills Farm

Hey there, this is so wierd but there is another Kari (spelled the same) in Rossland. People have been saying to me... so you are looking for some dirt? I was thinking, yes, I am but how do you know that? and low and behold the reason, there are two of us. I am Kari K. and well, other Kari you will have to be Kari something else so that folks won't get us mixed up all the time. Would be crazy if your last name also started with a K though;)  Hope to meet you one day!

Hi Kari, funny thing is my last name does also start with a K! I am Kari K too. My name is pronounced differently though (rhymes with safari, not carry) although that doesn't help on Bhubble confusion. Hope to meet you some day too! 

I just saw this, Miche, your soil sounds good, would love to hear more. I just ordered 4 cubic yards of composted steer manure from a guy, I think he is in Slocan. It was $60/yard + $100 delivery. You can get fresh steer manure for $50/yard from him also. His name is Wayne, 250-226-BEEF, he has signs around on the roadside everywhere, he also sells straw. Hopefully its a good product, we'll see!

Hi Kari, we have lots of horse manure if you can arrange pickup.


Haha - funny conversation Kari K's :)

Alynn - - our delivery will be coming in the next few days, and the stuff we're getting would mix well with manure if thats what you're thinking. You're welcome to come down and check it out and we can chat about it anytime! 

- Miche