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Alison Worsfold is fundraising for the GREATER TRAIL MS WALK!

Hi everyone!

I am fundraising for the 2019 Greater Trail MS Walk! There is a good chance that, living in Rossland, you know my mom Deanie Worsfold who has suffered from this disease her whole life.

It is a horrible disease, so participating in the walk is the least I can do!

If you are interested in donating to my personal page, you can do so by clicking here:

Also, please see the poster I have attached to this Ad regarding the Nadi Tree's promotion for the month of May! For each drop in, Drea has graciously offered to donate $1 towards my fundraising efforts!!!! I am extremely grateful for this initiative, and for all the support.

Thanks sooo so so much everyone :)


Thank you to all who have donated!!!! I've raised over $3,700 to-date and still have a few weeks left!!!!! I am so extremely grateful :)

I am almost up to $4000!!! Wow... the support has been incredible!!! Thank you everyone!!!!!

Huge thanks to Karen Loukras and Susan Portz for donating... I am up to almost $4,200!!! en route to 5 g!!! thank you so much everyone!!!!

There have already been almost 450 visits to the Nadi Tree this month... that means, $450 towards the MS Walk and there are still two weeks left!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow. Thanks again everyone for all the support.

Hey friends! I have one week to go and i'm sooo close to reaching my goal!!!!! Thanks again to all the amazing people who have already donated!!!!!! I REALLY appreciate it :) :)

Two days until the walk!!!! I hope to see some friendly faces out and about. Thanks again to everyone who donated.... I am sooo close to reaching my goal!!! Everyone has been amazing and so giving. We are lucky to live in such an amazing town!!!