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30 Day Yoga Challenge at Madhu Collective May 13 - June 11 2019

We are getting stoked for the 30 Day Challenge!!

This is a great opportunity for our community to gather and create a regular self care yoga practice. 

We've got a smoking deal for our community - join the challenge and get your unlimited 30 day pass for just $99. We have lots of prizes - for multiple days of practice and all names are entered in a prize-draw just for signing up because this challenge is really about making a commitment to yourself where ever you are at - and not about practicing every day.


Start wherever you are with us - this is for everyone! Whether it's 1 or 5 classes per week we hope to see lots of smiling faces at Madhu for the 30 day challenge as we transition from spring into fabulous summer! 

Here's how you get started!

Step 1: Purchase your pass online:

Step 2: Check the schedule to find what classes resonate, and pre-register to save your spot and keep yourself 

Step 3: Share with your friends and family for accountability and support!