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Learn to Build self watering Patio Containers - May 16th at the Garden Festival Market

"The Earth Box:" Learn to Build Self-watering Patio Containers

Have limited garden space and a hot, sunny deck? Join us at the Thursday, May 16th GARDEN FESTIVAL MARKET to learn how to build an Earth Box that can grow lots of veggies in a limited amount of space. Earth boxes take advantage of watering from below, they require very little maintenance (the water reservoir lasts 1 to 2 weeks) and can be made from readily available materials. Stop by anytime between 3:00 - 6:00 PM to chat with Rossland Sustainability Commission member Craig Delong as he demonstrates how to design and assemble this cool DIY garden hack!


Where is this taking place (location exactly....)?

On Queen Street beside the farmers market!

Thursday at the first outdoor Farmers Marekt of the Season!   See you there!

Grow food in small spaces!  come check out the Earth Boxes at the market this Thursday.  

Today at the Market...rain or shine!  Can't make it?  Get the Earth Box building instructions here.