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Why is the Farmers' Market So Important?

Good Morning Rossland!

If you aren’t aware, the Rossland Mountain Market kicks off its 12th outdoor season THIS Thursday from 3 - 6 pm downtown! We wanted to take a moment to encourage everyone to join us and to remind everyone why the farmers’ market is such a beneficial component of our community.


Recently we had to cancel one of our special events, which is the first time this has ever happened. Over the past year or so we have started to see less and less support from our wonderful community, and subsequently have started to see a decline in vendors and musicians joining us. With less and less people coming out to support our market, our team considered not running the market at all this year . . . but in the end we decided that Rossland does care about and love our market and we have faith that you all will show up this year and demonstrate your support for this important and vital year round event hosted almost entirely by dedicated volunteers.


So why is the farmers’ market so important?


- Farmers’ markets are vital contributors to our local economy. Every dollar spent at the farmers’ market directly supports local farmers and small businesses. Our little farmers’ market alone generates more than $250,000 annually in local economic activity - both through our vendors and spin-off shopping at downtown businesses.


- When you purchase direct from local farmers you are voting with your dollar to support small, local growers which helps to safeguard BC’s food shed for generations to come.


- Shopping at the farmers’ market is a big vote to support our environment. Food and goods you find at our market typically travel less than 150 km to reach you. The average North American meal travels more than 2400 km to reach your plate and contains ingredients from 4 other countries than Canada. BIG difference!


- Our farmers’ market is the spot to go for the freshest, in season produce, and is one of the only places that you can meet and get to know the people who dedicate their lives to feeding you and your family healthy food.


- Our farmers’ market is a business incubator. Do you know how many of our amazing local Rossland businesses made their debut at the market?? It is our mission to empower small business owners and provide them with support to help their business thrive and grow . . . all in the name of making Rossland a better place to live.


- Our farmers’ market strives to support arts and culture in our community by providing a vibrant outdoor venue for live music and performances. The market is a fantastic place to see awesome talent directly from Rossland and the surrounding area - and to show your support for these amazing folks who contribute so much to our community.


- Our farmers’ market is a gathering place for our community. Come out each week with your friends and family, and not only contribute to our essential small business sector, but CELEBRATE the uniqueness of our community and Kootenay region.


Mark your calendars Rosslanders - the market runs every single Thursday from now through until October 24th and we need your help this year to bring our market back to life!


We always welcome and encourage (constructive) feedback, so if you would like to share some thoughts or suggestions on how we can improve the market for our community, please feel welcome to comment below or email us at



See you on Thursday at the market!


Bump :)