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Where's Waldo? IN REAL LIFE! June 11 4-5pm

Get excited for Rossland's FIRST EVER real life Where's Waldo!

All are welcome to participate in this community event hosted by the Rossland YAN as part of Youth Week. Participants will meet at the top of KC at 4 pm to take part in a REAL LIFE Where's Waldo. There will be 10-15 Waldos hidden throughout the town of Rossland. All will be visible from the top of KC (bring binoculars!). Your task is to find as many Waldos as you can and "X" them on a map (provided).

Win prizes for finding the most Waldos!
All ages are welcome to participate.

Check out the Facebook event here:

want to be a Waldo? still looking for a few more! 

message me at

HAPPENING TOMORROW! You stoked? We sure are. :) 

Today! meet at the top of KC at 4 pm

don't forget your binoculars!