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Looking for some hay for my chicken coop.

Any ideas?

Do you want hay or straw? Hay is edible for horses/cows, etc. Straw is the chaff left over after haying, which is thicker, drier, rougher, not edible. People usually use it for mulching or bedding for animals.

Sorry, I don't know of any ready sources for either but I thought I'd mention this, just in case, 'cause you'll probably get each from different sources.

You could probably buy a bale of hay from someone with horses/cows. Not sure about straw. Maybe some of the garden centres might know? 

Oooops, correction - for the purposes of accuracy (but doesn't affect what you ask for in your search)

"straw has nothing to do with hay. Hay is  dried grass or dry alfalfa etc. Straw is the stalks of cereal crops like wheat, oats, barley and rye. Chaff is the husk or seed coating removed from  the grains of wheat etc. Chaff can also be very finely chopped straw."  (thanks, Angela...I do like to be accurate!)

Dig Garden Centre sometimes sells straw. Dig is across from the turnoff to Slocan Valley, 359 5962. Columbia Valley 368 8191 in Trail also gets it in occasionally.

I went to country roads in fruitvale and it was one stop shopping.  Thanks for the suggestions.