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Lost: Red run bike at Skatepark.

Has anyone found a red red bike? Our three year old is missing her bike. Possible places we left, the skatepark, looked today, didn't see it. Somewhere between the skatepark and home in lower Rossland. Or maybe it rolled away from our carport. If you have seen it please let us know.






it was at the skate park  but i guess someone took it i new i should have brought it home and put it on here

Hi Ben,

Sorry to hear. I have a different red bike, it has pedals.... but free to your little one if it will fit.


Thanks Jenneka, I appreciate that, we have a small pedal bike already, and our daughter is pretty close to making that work. Peter glad to hear it was at the skate park. That gives me hope that it will show up, and now I can stop circling the house wondering where did that kid put that bike!


Run run run! 

Wishing on a run bike Bhump! Say that three times fast.

There is a little ref bike at the thrift store you might want to see if it his they are holding it in the back for you