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2019/20 school year enrollment to J.L. Crowe parents' concerns

To all parents who are concerned why theirs’ child/children have not been caccepted into J.L. Crowe in upcoming school year 2019/20.


Please send to us your concerns to the e-mail address below,

so we can address them to the School Board SD20 or to the Presisident of the board.

Or maybe move to Trail? 

@sNow -- I don't think that is an entirely fair comment to make. The kids being turned away will attend Crowe in 2 short years, regardless of which community they live in. I think we as parents owe it to our children, who have their own wants and needs, to explore all avenues to get them into the school of their choosing. 

My comment is completely fair if you live in Rossland. Your child goes to the school within their catcnment area.  Crowe is operating at capacity.  If thre is room left, it will be for students that live in that community, and grade 10-12 students from Rossland because that is their catchment area. They also have the choice to attend 7S  

RSS is a fantastic school offering students an excellent education.  Letters written by community members to the board (available if anyone wants to look them up in the minutes), are disgraceful, narrow minded, disrespectfu, many are Full of untrue information.  Clearly written by families that aren’t current with progressive educational practices.  

A 12-15 year old has enough to worry about maturity and hormonal wise with brain developments at that stage of their life, then to worry about choosing what school to attend. This is completely a parent choice. You are the one putting pressure on your children.  If they are having friendship conflicts, help them with it.  Or even with an adult, if you want them to memorize facts and study, study with them.  Inquiry work is endless with the knowledg your child can gain, both content land competency wise.

Regardless of all these facts, research shows that staying in their own community during these important early teen years is beneficial to development, feeling a sense of belonging, and confidence. Our community offers so many wonderful opportunities for students during the school day. Think of how vibrant downtown is before and after school, during school hours and during lunch.