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Professional in search of a place to live in Rossland

After many visits to Rossland, I have decided to make Rossland my home.

I have worked in Vancouver's high technology and medical device fields for
almost 25 years while enjoying biking, hiking and skiing in my time off.

I am in search of a larger suite or a smaller house, starting as soon as July.
If you can help, I'd appreciate if you would give me a call.  My cell is
six-0-four eight-six-six seven-three-three-two.

I am looking forward to being part of Rossland's community.

I will be in Rossland until Tuesday or Wednesday this week, but back in the following weeks.

Thank you for your time,
Chris Trautman


Welcome to town.  You'll enjoy it, no doubt.

Hi Chris,

I write this note to you via the Mountain Shadow Hostel.

The Hostel is a great place to stay while searching for a more permanent place to stay.

Our Hostel is quiet during the summer so chances are you may be the only one in the entire building.  (not a bad thing)  And if we have other guest, you would most certainly have your own room.

Should you be interested, please call us..250-362-7160 and ask for Clay.  He is our hostel manager and can assist.  Our monthly rate is approx $650.  Clay can advise of the exact monthly rate.

We hope you will consider the Mountain Shadow Hostel for your first home in Rossland.



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