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ISO Huckleberries

The Flying Steamshovel is looking for 3 to 5lbs of local huckleberries to use in some delicious cocktails for the month of August. Let us know if you have any to spare!

Poor bears

You have got to be kidding^!

You should evaluate your belief system. What are we going to eat if we're going to be guided by a blanket concern of taking food out of other animals' mouths?

Personally, my beliefs reflect reality. The reality that we as humans will always perservere and create solutions. We are miles above nature's "food pyramid". As a species, we have the ability to control entire ecosystems. Best exemplified with the endless aisles of nutrition found at your local super market.

Millions of species have lived and died on this planet. Personally, the thought of never having to be around a 1000 pound mini-bus with multiple flexible extremeties equipped with five 3" pocket knives each seems fine to me.

If the ideas put forward in this post offend you, i apologize. But you may want to indulge yourself with information about the other two billion years you haven't been around for.

such an odd time to be alive when we are cheering for the survival of the most well-rounded natural killing machines on the planet.

I.e. us

I refuse to argue semantics and I can't effectively eleborate without writing a book, so instead:

The strawman who chants "save the bears" then seemingly walks down to the supermarket to buy the latest slab from the industrial slaughter house, all in the same breath and all the while reaping the benefits of their past "cold-blooded" ancestors, is offensive to me. Bears are an immediate danger to children and dogs. I believe that the mere possiblity of one single incident involving a bear and a child, is enough to warrant a cold-blooded approach. Really, any approach to the bear issue is better than the current one that is fueled by emotion and based in turmoil.

If you're worried about the bears' berry supply it costs almost nothing to walk through the forest throwing around berry seeds.

The post also asks for local berries. A huckleberry farm surrounded by a 10ft tall 500,000V electric fence within the township of Rossland would fit the criteria. So implying that bears are going to be hurt by the subject transaction is disingenuine.

Again, I apologize if the ideas brought forward in this post offend you. It is important that issues are approached realistically and with removed emotion, which is what I believe I am doing.

I bet we will hear a lot of crickets on this. people out picking hundreds and hundreds of pounds of important bear food's shameful. Pretty hard to get fat for the winter eating grass. 

I'm very sad for the bears today but enjoy your jam:(

I will be eating peanut butter on my toast..thank you very much and sleeping well knowing it.

Firstly picking wild berries for personal consumption is different than selling them to a bar for drinks secondly I'd rather have a bear encounter than a pozer encounter any day bears don't snake your line. 

That Still doesn’t keep the bears from coming in to town :(

A few wild berry-pickings for personal consumption is fine, but I just wanted to add my voice to say I am also against large-scale berry picking, particularly for something as frivolous as cocktail drinks. I would rather leave them for the bears and other wildlife that need them to survive.

”tucs2” how dare you eat peanut butter. what about the squirrels ,pigs,field mice and rats that will go hungry. 

Pigs? Really. I’m just here to do my part. You are obviously not!! 

How much you want to pay per pound? I'll consider picking for you.

Huckleberries are a great renewable resource, and especially this year that resource is being wasted. I'm watching them dry up on patches right off main trails near town, never mind heading slightly off the beaten path. 3-5lbs will barely put a dent in a good 25x25m patch if you know where to look (and these patches aren't getting touched by bears and the higher elevation berries haven't even started yet).  I think its great a local business is using a local resource, especially in a year of high supply, to make refreshing beverages.

If it was a crappy year....maybe a different story, but still, for small commodity, local/personal use, even in a bad year, so many go to waste.

If you go out for a walk into the forest, you will see that this is an incredible year for huckleberries.  Enough for the bears and for people who want to take the time to pick a few for their freezer or the flying steam shovel's cocktails.  

FYI Berries in some areas are shrivelling up on the bushes. 

I don't know about you but I have not seen as many bears in my neighborhood since huckleberry season began. Perhaps the Bears are well fed.