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Can anyone help me catch a bat?

I found a bat in my house this morning, it has been flying around my living room and kitchen. I have contained it to the spare room. I also found a second bat, it was sleeping on the floor so I have been able to trap it under a cardboard box as per the instructions on the BC Bat website.

I am looking for someone who can help me catch the livlier bat that is flying around the spare room, and who can help me transfer both bats to be released outside (which apparently can't be done until dark). 

Please don't send suggestions/advice for catching the bat, I have all that info. I just need someone who can physically help catch the bat. I am pregnant and am struggling to do it alone.

Please call if you can help 250-921-8272


Oh gosh, poor you! I'm texting, free to help tonight/this eve.

Thank you to everyone who called or messaged or came to help! I *think* the bats are gone