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Farm sitter needed Sept 1-15 but can move in any time and stay longer

We're looking for a reliable person to look after our farm from Sept. 1 to Sept 15, trading board and a garden full of fresh food for some daily tasks that take about half an hour.

You can move in any time and are welcome to stay longer after we're back, there's space. I'll be here for the first few days in September too.

You'd need to check on the animals to say hello and make sure there's food and water, everyone's happy, and the electric fences are working.

Goats need an ear scratch. They should be pretty well set up, but if you're into goat herding we can hook you up and make life even better for them.

Chicken eggs (no duck eggs right now) are collected each afternoon, cleaned, and put out for sale in the garage fridge. You can eat what you'd like from them too, along with garden greens and veggies. The chickens and ducks need their feed refilled every 3 days or so.

Most of the plants are automatically irrigated, but there's the odd thing to turn on and off now and again. The weather is cooling down so not much watering left this season!

And there's a couple of very nice cats who like to be catered to.

If this sounds like your gig, give us a shout!

Cell: 250-521-2500

I'll take the job

I'll email you