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Looking for a place to rent ASAP!


My name is Ashley. I am 25 years old and just got here from Montreal. I am working as a french assistant teacher at École des Sept-sommets and will also be working part-time at the grind. I am actively looking for a place to rent here in Rossland. I have two adult, calm, indoor and operated cats and can make a pet deposit or sign a damaged contract if needed! My budget would be around 800$, maybe a little more. I am also open to have roomates as well as getting my own place. I really need to find a place ASAP so any help would be appreciated. Thank you!



Something if Warfield or Trail would be good too!

I'm renting a room in trail for short term stays but I have a dog and was hoping to keep it no pets. How are your cats with dogs??? 

Thanks for the offer Ali, i appreciate it, but i am more looking for long term. At least beggining of june! I forgot to mention it!