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Looking for someone to repair cable for my light battery

Anyone have the skills to repair my battery cable? It is for a bike light battery that has slowly worn out and now is no longer useable

Attached is a photo of the cable so you can understand the problem better

Call or text at 250-231-943eight


Hey this could be an easy fix.

Step one: unplug the device. Then take note of the existing/current configuration then break it. Then if you can, be cautious and use a box cutter to seperate the housing and the insulation from the wires. With any luck, they will be colour-coded. Then you will need to again use the box cutter to take the light insulation off the very small interior wires of each side. You will want to prep each group of wires before making any connections.Then hwen ready, be very diligent and connect the wires per their colour. To connect them: twist them with eachother then wrap electrical tape in a way that is simple. Once all wires have been connected, wrap everything with electrical tape. You could maybe use an old socket to recreate the housing.

If no wires have colours, i would advise you to guess and check. There's probably three wires: positive, negative, and ground.


Good luck

but I mean at that point you might as well solder the connections and do it right.

Soldering Kits can be relatively cheap and this could be a great project to practice on.

I can fix your cable. Give me a shout.