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Lost dog please help!

Hello- looking for a medium size white dog answers to Molly but very skittish. Looks like a sheared lamb- please call if you even see her as her owner is searching - do not try to catch just call with a location to Joanne 250-231-4841



Any luck at all? Hoping this baby is found soon. 


Spotted molly around 8:30 9:00 am  really scared passed me at Mach 10. Last spotted heading down Davis st in lower rosslad head up the hill then veered left at top of hill. Lost her from there. Notified owner , pls help jo Ann 

Spotted again 20 minutes ago on nevada and Thompson     Really scared. ......

Spotted again 20 minutes ago around Thompson and Nevada. Could be heading to ball park. That's where I saw her coming from originally this morning around 8:30 am

New update , 5 minutes ago ,  Nevada and cliff roads ! 


Any further sightings today? This is encouraging. We will go up and look after work!

She was seen again in that area today(oct 14) at about 3:00- she is very muddy and looks unwell so please call Joanne if you have any info regarding sightings and please check your properties if you live on Cliff, Monita, Nevada - as she must be hiding.