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Lost dog please help!

Hello- looking for a medium size white dog answers to Molly but very skittish. Looks like a sheared lamb- please call if you even see her as her owner is searching - do not try to catch just call with a location to Joanne 250-231-4841



Any luck at all? Hoping this baby is found soon. 


Spotted molly around 8:30 9:00 am  really scared passed me at Mach 10. Last spotted heading down Davis st in lower rosslad head up the hill then veered left at top of hill. Lost her from there. Notified owner , pls help jo Ann 

Spotted again 20 minutes ago on nevada and Thompson     Really scared. ......

Spotted again 20 minutes ago around Thompson and Nevada. Could be heading to ball park. That's where I saw her coming from originally this morning around 8:30 am

New update , 5 minutes ago ,  Nevada and cliff roads ! 


Any further sightings today? This is encouraging. We will go up and look after work!

She was seen again in that area today(oct 14) at about 3:00- she is very muddy and looks unwell so please call Joanne if you have any info regarding sightings and please check your properties if you live on Cliff, Monita, Nevada - as she must be hiding.

Shoot, I went up around 3pm and scoured that area today but didn’t see her. She has to be hiding somewhere in that area. We’ll go back tomorrow. Praying for a safe return!





Any more sightings in the Nevada/Kootenay/Cliff area?


Went there this morning early,  no luck so far ....  

I walked the upper Louis Joe today, and along Thompson.  Yesterday I walked around the ball field and BlackBear area.  No sightings.. 



Has anyone checked Red Barn area lately? We’ll be going up today and over the weekend. Apparently there is another Rosslander who has the same breed of dog and she will be walking searching with hers to try to bait Molly out  



Awesome ! 

Cycled through the Red Barn, Nevada, baseball field, BlackBear area and no sightings. 

Spoke with Joanne about getting a ton of posters printed.  She's going to look into that for tomorrow. 

I'm thinking maybe a few of us could spend an hour, blanketing the homes in lower Rossland, to get the word out?  Many folks will be putting things away for winter this weekend, and would be a huge help, looking in their sheds, playhouses, carports and random yard structures.  Let me know if you have time to help drop off posters at houses and talk to the folks in these neighbourhoods.  


Hey yes of course, we definitely can help canvas. Text me at1 (250) 512-1701 and let me know when/where you want to meet tomorrow. We’ll be up there in the morning, probably around 9.

I have walked the wooded area between Nevada and Dunn to the campground but didn't see her.  Last evening we walked the lower Drake's trails to the end of Dunn but not the trails behind the Red Barn.  We will do those tonight or tomorrow.  Looking under stairs, in sheds, etc. maybe more likely than in the bush.  She must be so hungry and so may be very food motivated.

Yes I agree. Everyone, please check your carports, under desk, stairs, yard, properties for any sign of her. Someone posted on FB that there was a blonde dog wandering around Kootenay and Victoria streets the last 3 days, looks lots & not aggressive. That may be a lead!!

Joanne has flyers and is posting them around lower Rossland.  I'm cycling over there to grab some and start going door to door and talking to folks.  It's noon right now, if you want to come out and help.  


Flyers distributed to Victoria, Nevada, Monita & Thompson residences. Will be back tomorrow with more. 

If you live near Nevada/Cooke, whimpering was heard in the area. Please check your properties as she is likely hiding!!!


We got lots of flyers out yesterday. Spreading the word is key to all those who can be on the lookout for Molly. We checked the Cooke/Nevada area again when we heard of the whimpering with no luck :( . checked some sheds and carports closely. 

Thanks Everyone. I know Joanne is very appreciative. I’ll be out again today with a couple of other folks.