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The Problems facing Anishanawbe People in Canada is NOT "Genocide"

Now I'm not here to argue semantics. If you want to hi-jack a word from Races who have actually faced directed extermination, then I'm mostly indifferent.

However, if you think the White Man is causing the bulk of the problems for Indiginous people, then I must tell you that you are very ignorant. I have seen the horrors of Northern Reserves and am well read on historical Treaties, and i hope to inform you of the real issues facing Indiginous people in Canada.

The Indiginous people who need help the most aren't the city girls getting drunk and going missing. It's the Women and Children on Reserves across our Country who are suffering because of three main reasons: Treaty Loyalists who insist on essentially keeping two Countries within Canada, Tribe Councils who practice Embezzlement and incompetency, and finally Alcohol and Drugs.

I would bet money that no member of any political party that claims that Indiginous women going missing is a genocide, has ever stepped foot on a Northern Reserve. And even if they did, they could never understand the suffering because they've never had to suffer like that.

So in conclusion, have whatever words you want but let's make sure we're not making the suffering of people into a political issue when really there's nothing to argue about. Everyone who lives in Canada is a Canadian. And every law-abiding Canadian is equal. Therefore we need to make sure one of our primary goals is elevating every Canadian to the same quality of life out of the goodness of our hearts, not because of what the TV tells us to think.