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Rossland Community Calendars + Certified Organic Apple Juice | Farmers' Market Fundraiser!

The Rossland Mountain Market team is really proud to present our inaugural edition of the Rossland Community Calendar! This calendar is a beautiful compilation of images taken in Rossland and surrounding area, and is a wonderful representation of Rossland through the eyes of our community!

Calendars are $15 and all proceeds directly support our farmers' market! Calendars make great gifts + keepsakes as well!

We also have 3L bag-in-box local, certified organic apple juice for sale. These too are $15, and are shelf stable for a year. They stay good for 3 months once opened. There is no added sugars or other ingredients, and the juice comes from a beautiful family orchard in the Creston Valley, Just-a-Mere Farm.

If you would like to purchase and/or reserve calendars or juice, please email us at

Thank you so much for your continued support!

(Calendars will also be available soon at supporting downtown businesses, stay tuned!)


Here until 5!!

Fundraiser for the market!