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Christmas Gemstones - 100's to choose from

Get your Christmas Gemstones while a wide selection is available

The jewelry is made from stones around the world and i have 40 years experience in the lapidary art

   *  Opal from Australia and Idaho

   *  Malachite from Africa

   *  Black Jade from Wyoming

   *  Green Jade from BC

   *  Thunder Eggs from Oregon

   *  Bismuth Crystals - assorted sizes

   *  Eye Agates - assorted sizes - from BC

   *  Serpentine Stone from Rossland

   *  Mosaics made from multiple stones

   *  Double sided Arrow Heads - hand crafted

   *  Earrings from various gemstones

   *  Women & Men sterling rings

   *  Belt buckles and bolas

   *  Tumbled Stones - assorted sizes 

   *  Polished slabs and agates from around the world

Call Russ at 250-368-5488