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SOLD Voile splitboard, skins, pucks, puck stance adjuster and hardware.

This is Merka.


Made by the premiere backcountry company. 


A meticulously maintained Voile Mojo 66. 

Straight black sintered base. 

Trace surface scratches. 

Core shot and repair free.

Comes with bagged Voile fitted skins and skin protectors to ease separation.

Voile pucks and puck stance set up adjuster.

All hardware including pins, plates, screws, washers, and t-bolts. 


She’s already surfed and slayed the Sierra Nevadas, Kootenays, Rockies, Cascades, Selkirks, Pir Panjal Himalayas, Ezo Fuji, Andes, Remarkables, and the Great Diving Range. 


A workhorse that doesn’t buck. Tame her and continue the adventure....


300 bones.


what kind of boots do you need for this set up? Thx

Any snowboarding boots work fine Brad. The bindings you use with those boots sit affixed (utilising the harware supplied) atop the Voile base plates shown. 

Happy to give you the run down in person if you'd care to meet sometime Brad. Bring your current bindings and boots along with you.

Sent you an email!

All good Antoine. See you tomorrow.