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Trinelle TV Stand With Electric Fireplace *price drop*

Trinelle 63" TV Stand With Electric Fireplace

Size 63.5"L 20.75"W27"H 160lbs

Warm rustic plank finish oak grain and authentic touch. Tops are capped with a nail trimmed corner piece. Handles feature nailhead trim in a dark brome colour. Purchased separately with compatable LED fireplace insert. Open shelving for display and drawers for storage.

Asking $300obo now $250obo


What happened to getting back to me re. the 52' TV?

It sold

The tv stand is still for sale

Thanks for getting back to me on that one

Price drop



I'm surprised you're selling this Mike.

An electric fire just inches under a TV seems like such a fantastic idea; why aren't more manufacturers making similar units?

The day Weber makes a BBQ / TV stand combo, I'm in.

I used to live in a tight apartment, so I had to buy space saving furniture and it used to be problematic to watch a wall mounted TV. Now, when I have bought a new home, I felt interested in finding TV stands cheap, and I am going to get one soon.