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Shovelling Services Offered

I'm in my mid 20's, athletic and motivated. 

Quotations based on Job 

Please Call or text 250 512 9015



thanks for a great job at my place!

Yeah you bet! Thank you. 

Exellent! Even with just shovelling snow, showed an attention to detail that was appreciated; showed up on time; polite; would definitely recommend this guy for all your shovelling needs!

Yup did my deck excellent job. Came home from work and job was done!

Thanks for quickly & efficiently doing my carport roof !

Highly recommend this young man.  Polite, reliable, prepared, and available. 

Just seeing all the feedback thanks so much!

you available?


Hey Everyone, just wanted to say thanks so much for the support! I am no longer in Rossland but will definitely be posting one of these again next winter.