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BlackJack Loppet 2020

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Great fun, informal activity.

Bring on the 80’s spandex!  

Blackjack, if there is fresh snowfall in the days leading up to loppet,  might you consider night grooming and additional packing/passes of the loppet route to get the skate lane to pack and set more firmly?  The last 2 loppets have had such soft conditions due to the loppet route trails not being groomed early and often enough to allow for a proper firm set after snowfalls the days before.  The climbs quickly turned into slop sugar snow.  Last year could have been much better had there been some passes with the big cat the night before to allow enough packing/tilling and time for a firmer skate lane set.  In general, this is one area Blackack could improve upon, finishing completely the grooming well before the skiers hit the trails at 7 am, along with not driving snowmobiles over the skate lanes - even when pulling a roller, which still damages the skate lane and creates ruts.  Apex and the Methow generally do a great job with timing the grooming and it makes the grooming set last longer as it doesn’t get destroyed by the first ski tracks.

That said, we are still so fortunate to have such a great trail network and well organized club!!!  I just wonder if a bit more time and attention to pre-race grooming timing perhaps might help draw more participants, as the loppet route is already quite challenging in the best of conditions.  I hope lots of people come out, as playing ski dress-up and earning a chocolate medal can be a lot of fun!

Sunnydayz, thanks for your perspective. Could you please send it to the club email where it can be properly addressed? This post is just a promo for the loppet.