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Redtopbarbershop products marked down to sell off

No, I'm not closing.. I have products I am no longer going to sell so if you want them cheap come get em...


4 scents of beard oils 2 different types and scents of beard/hair wax reg.$22 now $15


Remaining shampoos and treatments from organic color line, all litres. Protein shampoo, moisture shampoo, silver shampoo 1/2 litres protein treatment 17 oz. Tub moisture treatment. Reg $45+ all $25



Tennille 250 921-585two or

come onto Redtopbarbershop  Tue/Thu 12-7 Wed/Fri 10-5




Hand made soaps, beard oils and hair/beard wax all Canadian made..

Silver shampoo and moisture treatment gone.


Got a stinky winter beard..?  have I got the products for you!