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Circular Weaving

Come learn the meditative art of circular weaving. Each participant will receive a frame loom, all materials and basic to intermediate weaving instruction.

This skill building class will focus on the basics with some added flare. Learn to warp a frame loom, weave basic tabby and twill patterns, bubble roving, create soumak weave as well as raya knots. We will use a variety of yarns and textures, create a colour palette and discus the best yarns and fibres for weaving.

February 13th, 7pm to 9pm 

$69 per person

Come enjoy the therapeutic benefits of textiles in a cozy & relaxed atmosphere.

Drop into the shop at 2196 Columbia Ave, Rossland, right beside the library or head over to my website to register and see my other February Classes!

Click the Ticket link or message to register.