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Angela's B&B... Vacant suites... BC Family Day week

A big group just had to cancel, so I can give you great Holiday accommodation for US Presidents' Week, and Alberta and BC Family Days. 4 blocks from Rossland centre, 7 minutes from Red Resort skiing.
Call me to see how your group fits best, and to see more photos. Almost any size group, any length stay, reduced rates.

Mon Feb 17 thru Sat 22... B&B Upstairs suite ~$145 for 2 bedrooms, full kitchen, shower, hot tub

Wed Feb 19 thru Fri 21... B&B Fireplace suite ~ $150 for 2 bedrooms, kitchenette, shower, bath, hot tub.

Sat Feb 22 thru Wed 26... Guest House Main suite ~ $360 for 3 bedrooms, full kitchen, 2 bathrooms, hot tub.

Call Angela 250 362 7790 or email

Locals' discount

Some pics attached, can send you more.


Reduced rates, cancellation

BC Family Week special place, special rate

Cool place, warm welcome