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Lost Gold Wedding Band - Centennial Trail

Lots of extra hiking time!?  Keep your eyes peeled please for a simple gold wedding band, lost between the RED Mountain entrance sign, and Red Mountain Road (trail head at resevoir).  I beleive I took my gloves off just after the tunnel under Caldera Drive.

Conveniently enough two snowmobiles were making use of the trail as well, completely squashing my ability to retrace my steps...

I also used the muddy road, Muffly Road as Google calls it.  

Anyone have a metal detector I could borrow?

Lost on March 19th around 5pm.



Red mountain owns a metal detector. I'm sure they're still there. Good luck!

$100 Gift Card to the Rossland establishment of your choice to anyone who finds my wedding band!  Maybe you have some extra time on your hands these days?  Looking for things to do perhaps? Why not a healthy treasure hunt!  

Have you found your ring or a  metal detector?  I have one - 

Thank you for the kind offer - I have borrowed a metal detector already, but still no luck finding the ring... 

Ok next time we take detector out we will walk that area.  Best of luck.